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Business Loans

Business Finance and Nationwide Business Funding Solutions for companies Large or Small. Fast Decision, Simple Process Through Our Specialist Panel of Lenders. Same Day Decision, 98% Acceptance on all loans.our content goes here.

Funding Support Solutions manages many types of businesses, from Doctors, Dentist, Legal Firms, Road Haulage and Transport, Logistics, Small Business Owners, Veterinary Practices, Manufacturing, Construction and many more. Its important to know if your business requires a cash injection from a business loan or working capital then contact Funding Support Solutions. We provide nationwide, fast and flexible business finance solutions for any purpose including; Business Loans, Business Finance, Asset Finance, Cash Flow, Tax Loans, VAT Loans, Working Capital loans, Finance, Practice Loans, Acquisition Loans, Insurance, Debtors Funding, Invoice Finance, Commercial Mortgages and many more to all industries over terms that suit your needs. Our specialists, know that every business is different and understands the individual requirements that is required to ensure your application is approved within 2 – 24 hours.

Our dedicated team of trained advisors work vigorously to help find the right lender to match your business requirements at the best rates. We work with a very large national network of professional lenders who have decades of experience with lending business finance. Speaking to our team could not be any easier we are passionate about helping our clients succeed in business whilst taking away the hassle of sourcing a business loan.

Funding Support Solutions will never cold call you and we never work with any company who does. We will only contact you if we have received an enquiry from you and that you were looking for assistance or information regarding a business loan.

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” thanks for all your support my VAT Loan was approved in 24 Hours.” – Ibaly Hussain


” very quick turnaround thank you.” – Johnathan Green


” I phoned late on a Friday afternoon the team were great as I needed to get my VAT Funding and return as quickly as possible .” – Michael Johns


” I contacted the team and my VAT was done in as little as 4 hours.” – Lee Evans

Small business funding opportunities open up

One of the UK’s foremost digital challenger banks has announced ambitious plans to pump investment into the nation’s small businesses. Cashplus, which launched in 2005, will begin a £400m programme of lending once it becomes a fully authorised bank in the first...

Traditional lenders are failing SMEs

According to Real Business - Ten years ago, a small to medium-sized business looking to expand would have visited its local bank branch in what was usually a straightforward process. Today, that once dependable source of funding isn’t what it used to be. Regulatory...

HMRC VAT crackdown spreads to subcontracting

According to FE Week HMRC has launched a major investigation into subcontracting that could result in tens of millions in fees and fines after it discovered many colleges and training providers are ignoring VAT rules on management fees. FE Week understands that the...

UK businesses owe £4.4bn in overdue Corporation Tax and VAT

According to London Loves Business. Firms owe record high £1.89bn in Corporation Tax and further £2.5bn in VAT UK businesses currently owe HMRC £4.37 billion in overdue corporation tax and VAT as many struggle to find the cash to pay their tax bills, says Funding...

Successful Day

Funding Support Solutions this week we have had a Successful Funding Week helping 4 businesses received funds of over 1 Million pounds. From Law Firms to Wholesale Cash and CarryJust another day at Funding Support Solutions helping businesses achieve their full...

Carillion collapse hits shares of rivals

According to the EXPRESS. Carillion collapse hits shares of rivals Galliford Try and Balfour Beatty SHARES in Galliford Try and Balfour Beatty fell as Carillion’s partners counted the cost of their joint ventures with the collapsed construction and services company,...

Rate Setter focus soley on asset backed lending

According to Crowdfunderinsider.com Peer to peer lender RateSetter said its commercial lending vertical will focus solely on secured lending in its commercial finance vertical. Following a review of its commercial finance operations, RateSetter said it would move to...

Business Loans

Below are many companies we have successfully supported in obtaining the best lender to fit their business needs. With over 20 specialist advisers who are all professionally trained with collectively over 40 years experience and over 100 funding lines we know your business is in safe hands.

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Funding Lines

Years of Collective Experience

How to obtain a business loan if you have bad credit

According to Sean LaPointe If you are starting a business, it’s likely you’ll need business loans or personal lines of credit to set things off. However, if you have a bad credit score, perhaps due to missed mortgage or credit card payments in the past, you might find...


According to www.hvpmag.co.uk As Brexit negotiations continue later in to 2019 than originally expected, great uncertainty remains regarding the nation’s economic and political future. The increasing likelihood of a no deal Brexit has caused grave concerns for many...

The rise and rise of the bridging loan.

Bridging Loans   Bridging loan finance continues to grow amidst low interest rates, Brexit uncertainty and mortgage lender caution, Commercial Trust Limited research has found.The firm looked at the rise of the bridging loan and its uses in the sector, revealing...

What’s a Good Credit Score for a Small Business Loan?

Do you know what your business credit score is? No, not your personal score – your business score. Unfortunately, many small business owners are not aware of the importance of building their business credit score.Even if you do not anticipate the need to borrow money...

Bridging Loans – Bridge The Gap

Bridging Loans Bridging Finance literally means to bridge the gap to allow a speedy release of funds and for almost any reason. Bridgers these days will take almost any form of fixed security as long as it has a sustained residual value. Bridging in years gone by...

What is Asset Finance

What is Asset Finance - Simple Asset Finance is a type of finance used by businesses to obtain the equipment they need to grow. This can be especially helpful for small businesses who operate on tight margins. It usually involves paying a regular charge for the use of...

Secured Loans – What you need to know

Secured business loans are is a great way of 'unlocking' cash quick. A secured loan, is a loan in which the borrower pledges some asset such as a property as collateral for the loan, which then becomes a secured debt owed to the creditor who gives the loan. The debt...

Business Loan for Start Ups

Business Loan for Start Ups - We love you. Business loan for start ups.  When thinking of starting a business there are no limits on who can become a great businessman / Businesswoman, You don't necessarily need a degree, you don't need a bunch of money in the bank or...

I need a Business Loan – Time is Precious

I Need a Business Loan - Time is Precious Time is precious, Time is priceless ! Time is measured by seconds, minutes and hours through its two unstoppable hands but the role time plays is immeasurable and it is in our hands to make the most use of it without wasting...

VAT Loans For Businesses – The Simple Truth

Vat Loans for your Business. If your company is having trouble paying VAT on time, VAT Funding can help you cover your tracks and get you started in a new direction. The main reason you take a VAT loan is when you can't pay your VAT on time. There are other many...

HMRC Surcharges and Penalties

HMRC  applies a process of surcharges and penalties when a company is late paying their VAT bill. This also includes the late payment of TAX.. Their are deadlines in place for filiing VAT and TAX returns and payment and generally this is one Month plus 7 days from the...

Road Haulage Association

Funding Support Solutions are proud to support the Road Haulage Industry and have showed our commitment becoming Associate members. We are here to support haulage, transport, logistics and many other members with finance, funding, VAT Loans, TAX Loans, Business...

Transport and Haulage

At Funding Support Solutions we understand the uncertainty that exists within your business relating to cash flow especially when your customers will pay. Many of the payments that haulage businesses have to make are set in stone from your to maintenance of your...

Cost Advanced Funding for Law Firms.

Did you know we can offer Cost Advanced Funding for Law Firms. Gain access to funds tied up in lengthy costs while staying fully compliant with SRA client money rules and banking terms. According to the Mirror Negligence claims in England have risen four-fold in 10...

Insurance For Personal Guarantees

Did you know we can insure your personal guarantees on Business Loans. Funding Support Solutions are the only company in the country to offer this fantastic facility. New to the UK: Personal Guarantee Insurance provides financial security and peace of mind for Company...

Questions & Answers


Seeking a business loan can be a daunting and a stressful experience. At Funding Support Solutions we ensure the client journey is excellent. We continue to support your business to ensure you get the right lender to meet your business needs. Our professional panel of lenders are there every step of your funding journey.
We know the lending process and the client journey ahead and its important that you do to.
We have outlined some frequently asked questions for business loans giving you peace of mind and knowing you’re in safe hands.

Will my business qualify for a business loan?

Simply complete the enquiry form online and one of our specialist advisors will contact you as quickly as possible to assess your business needs. Our Specialist panel of lenders

How long with the process take?

Our process is extremely quick and in most cases funding can be agreed within 2 hours.


How long can I have a business loan for?

Generally Business loans can be between 6 Months and 5 Years.

How much will it cost?

Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as a free loan, but there’s plenty that business owners can do to ensure they get the best possible rates.
As a broker we will ensure we sources the best lenders to match your business needs at the most competitive rates. Ultimately, the rate you’re offered by the lender will reflect the financial health of your business and its ability to repay the loan.

What security is required?

There a few types of facilities for business loans which are secured business loans and unsecured business loans.

Unsecured business loans don’t require company assets as security, but lenders may ask for a personal guarantee.

Secured business loans require a borrower to offer something as ‘security’, usually a company asset such as property, land or equipment.

Generally interest rates tend to be higher with unsecured business loans than secured business loans.


Reach For The Stars

New Start Up Business Loans Inspiration quotes have an amazing ability to motivate others and change the way we feel about ourselves. A positive word can make someone smile, be happy and lift them at the right moment or a well-timed humorous quote can make someone...

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Our Specialist team have collectively over 40 years of experience within the finance industry and can discuss your requirements.

Step 3 - Arranging Funding

We will arrange a suitable funding option to meet your business and capital needs and get you a decision within 2 hours and funds transferred in 24 hours.


Buisness Loans

How to obtain a business loan if you have bad credit

According to Sean LaPointe If you are starting a business, it’s likely you’ll need business loans or personal lines of credit to set things off. However, if you have a bad credit score, perhaps due to missed mortgage or credit card payments in the past, you might find...

Marketing for your Business

Marketing and the Professionals Many companies use their own staff to market their business even though those individuals don’t specialize in marketing. Why would a business do?  Did you know many small business owners and entrepreneurs market themselves and do not...

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