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Vat Loans for your Business. If your company is having trouble paying VAT on time, VAT Funding can help you cover your tracks and get you started in a new direction. The main reason you take a VAT loan is when you can’t pay your VAT on time.
There are other many reasons why VAT Funding is beneficial:
Companies lose revenue before a VAT bill is due.
The VAT tax affects a limited company.
When businesses have odd payroll periods and lose money by paying employees.
When a business pays a leased property less frequently than normal.
Rolling facility that can be drawn down each quarter
Interest can be tax deductible
By Law you need to submit a VAT return every three months. But you do have options and you can set up a plan to pay your VAT every three months and have it rolled over your loan. Did you know HMRC can charge penalties and fines of up to 15%
Need a VAT Loan?  The simply contact us at Funding Support Solutions, our specialist panel of lenders ensures you will get a decision in as little as 2 hours and funds within 24 hours.

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