What is Asset Finance

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What is Asset Finance – Simple

Asset Finance is a type of finance used by businesses to obtain the equipment they need to grow.

This can be especially helpful for small businesses who operate on tight margins. It usually involves paying a regular charge for the use of the asset i.e  office furniture, IT equipment, specialist machinery and even vehicles, over an agreed period of time, avoiding the full cost of buying outright.

Whether you’re considering acquiring business machinery, equipment or vehicles, re-financing existing assets or looking for loans to expand or cash flow solutions, we can assist you.

Being independent broker allows us access to a vast panel of flexible and competitive funding options. We deliver bespoke solutions in a quick, efficient and transparent manner.

Hire Purchase, Finance/ Operating Lease, All Vehicle Finance and Contract Schemes, Business Loans, Invoice Discounting and Commercial Mortgages

 Using finance helps preserve your capital and existing credit lines it also helps to ease cash flow and can have tax advantages. 

Pay for equipment as it works for you simply contact us at Funding Support Solutions on 01384 413264

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